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Week 1, 2014 - Gameday/Early Games Open Thread

Up at the crack of dawn to watch football? Us too.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

First off, thanks for reading and contributing to ATQ's "20 in 20" list this summer. You can find all 20 profiles HERE, if you want to look back at the full list.

The Reeeeeeeeally Early Game:

5:30 AM Pacific: Penn St. vs. Central Florida (ESPN2) - This American college football game is being played as scheduled in Ireland, after talk that it could have been moved due to a volcano eruption. That last sentence was completely true, and not the plot of a James Bond reboot starring Keanu Reeves as 007.

Highlights of the Morning Slate:

9:00 AM: Ohio State vs. Navy (CBS Sports) - The Buckeyes start their Braxton Miller-less season; how will they look with J.T Barrett under center?

9:00 AM: UCLA vs. Virginia (ESPN) - The sexy pick to win the Pac-12 opens their season against a Cavaliers team that Oregon dismantled in 2013. If Brett Hundley plays in the fourth quarter of this one, there will be questions.

9:00 AM: Michigan vs. Appalachian State (ESPN2) - App State makes its FBS debut against Michigan, who will try to avenge the shocking 2007 upset. Speaking of 2007 Michigan, the entire Oregon-Michigan game from '07 is available on YouTube. If these three games end up boring, you can watch it instead:

Chat about all the action here, and remember to conserve your energy for Oregon-South Dakota tonight. If you start doing shots of whisky now, you'll never make it to 7:30. It's best to start with something light, like Brass Monkeys.