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Week 1, 2014 - Afternoon Games Open Thread

UCLA looked like crap this morning; will Cal and Stanford fare any better this afternoon?

Stacy Revere

UCLA and Ohio State both looked pretty dreadful this morning, barely escaping with wins over Virginia and Navy, respectively. The Pac-12, with the exception of the Arizona schools, hasn't impressed thus far. Let's see if the Bay Area schools can pick it up this afternoon.

Notable games on tap:

12:30 PM: Alabama vs. West Virginia - Lane Kiffin and a new quarterback? This should be interesting.

12:30 PM: Cal @ Northwestern - The Golden Bears were atrocious last season. Will there be improvement in Year 2 of the Bear Raid?

1:00 PM: Stanford vs. UC Davis - I HATE TREES. LET'S GO AGGIES.