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The Week 3 QuackPoll Loves Their Ducks. Well, Mostly.

And also, Cal is in the Top 25.

Joe Robbins

In case you were comatose last weekend, you already know that Oregon beat the pants off Michigan State on Saturday afternoon. This being a top 25 poll on an Oregon Ducks blog, the equation seemed obvious.

Biggest win of the season + inherent home blog biases = unanimous Oregon #1 ranking

The equation seemed obvious. But like the BCS, or how Geoff Arend managed to land Christina Hendricks, sometimes the math doesn't make any damn sense. Here's the poll:

Rank Team Points (250 max) Change from last week
1 Oregon (8) 248 +1
2 Florida State (2) 220 -1
3 Georgia 213 0
4 USC 206 +5
5 Texas A&M 203 +1
6 Alabama 200 -2
7 LSU 180 +5
8 Baylor 175 0
9 Oklahoma 174 -5
10 Notre Dame 158 +7
11 Auburn 147 0
12 Ole Miss 134 +2
13 Virginia Tech 125 N/A
T-14 Arizona State 112 -1
T-14 Michigan State 112 -7
16 UCLA 80 -1
17 Stanford 79 -7
18 Louisville 71 +8
19 BYU 63 N/A
20 Clemson 57 +9
21 Missouri 46 +2
22 Wisconsin 42 -1
23 Kansas State 32 -5
T-24 California 25 +6
T-24 Utah 25 +9

Also receiving votes: South Carolina (20), Duke (16), North Carolina (16), Arizona (13), Ohio State (13), Florida (11), Marshall (9), Pittsburgh (8), Northern Illinois (7), Mississippi State (6), Oklahoma State (3), Penn State (3), Tennessee (2)

  • The braindead lunatics that didn't vote Oregon #1? Noah and Sean G, whose power-ranking ballots must still believe that Florida State would beat Oregon on a neutral field, despite both of Oregon's wins being more impressive than Florida State's wins, and the fact that Marcus Mariota is a god damn magician. I'm not gonna tell people how to do their job, but I thought one of the biggest wins in Autzen Stadium history would garner a little more respect, that's all.
  • Look at Cal, 2-0 and in the QuackPoll! What a turnaround! Unfortunately, they play the BYE this week, and will probably drop out of next week's poll because they won't put up any more style points. Enjoy your moment in the sun though, Golden Bears.
  • UCLA only dropping one spot for barely beating Memphis is a travesty. I didn't rank them at all, because I am level-headed and reasonable.
  • I thought Oklahoma dropping five spots despite annihilating Tulsa was weird, until I looked at the ballots and noticed Rusty didn't rank the Sooners at all. I'm assuming this was an oversight. But you never know. Rusty Ryan works in mysterious ways.
  • One other interesting thing was Ryan D. leaving Notre Dame off the ballot after their 31-0 rout of Michigan. This is also probably an oversight, but you could make a better case for this being legit than Rusty shunning the Sooners. I'll let him explain himself in the comments.

I'm giving myself the Drunk Voter of the Week for my unflinching adherence to following strict resume-based voting which, along with an extreme distaste for anything UCLA has done thus far this year, has led me to rank teams like Cal, Pitt, and Utah in the Top 20, plus I've got USC and Notre Dame in the Top 5. Do I think this will hold up? Hell no.

The Lazy Voter of the Week goes to the two Seminole enthusiasts Sean G. and Noah. And here I was, thinking you two were actually addicted to quack. How wrong was I?

The Sheep Voter of the Week goes to Brandon, whose Top 10, if Auburn was a little higher and a couple other teams swapped spots, would be the AP Top 10. Remember, accuracy is a sign of weakness.

To the Bias List!

Blogger Loves Hates
Tako Notre Dame (#4) Florida State (#11)
Chris Clemson (#15) Arizona State (#20)
Brandon Michigan State (#11) BYU (#23)
Ryan Oklahoma (#3) Notre Dame (unranked)
Rusty Georgia (#2) Oklahoma (unranked)
Sean G. Florida State (#1) Notre Dame (#12)
Sean L. UCLA (#13) USC (#10)
Dave Virginia Tech (#5) Baylor (#16)
Dom Alabama (#2) Virginia Tech (#19)
Noah LSU (#5) Ole Miss (#18)


Award History:

Drunk: Rusty, Brandon, Tako

Lazy: Dave, Ryan, Sean G. and Noah

Sheep: Sean L, Sean L, Brandon