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Quack Fix: A Pac-12/DirecTV Update

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Your morning helping of Oregon Ducks news.

Steve Dykes

Still two more days until the Wyoming game, here's a dose of quack to help you through:

Practice Report (From Moseley's official report):

  • Pharaoh Brown's blocking on running plays is noted as a big boon for the Oregon offense.
  • Charles Nelson and Darren Carrington stood out on offense, while defensive standouts were Reggie Daniels, Tyree Robinson, Erick Dargan, and Arrion Springs.


  • Three future Ducks, WR Alex Ofodile, RB Taj Griffin, and OL Zach Okun have announced that they will enroll at Oregon early and participate in spring practice.
  • Andre Yruretagoyena has the dreaded status of "day to day" after his injury against Michigan State, but fellow OL Haniteli Lousi, who missed the Spartan game with a foot injury, appeared to have practiced.
  • A good summary on Pacific Takes on why the Pac-12 isn't worried about DirecTV. The point in short: the Big Ten and SEC have gotten their networks on DirecTV, but gave up half ownership to Fox and ESPN respectively to have the clout to do so. The Pac-12 still owns their entire network, making them flush with cash despite lower carriage numbers.
That's all I see out there. A boring game leads to fairly boring Quack.

Take a few moments today to remember the victims of 9/11 on the 13th anniversary of that tragedy.