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12 Pac Review: The South Is A Dumpster Fire And I Can't Stop Watching

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In the newest edition of the Pac-12 power rankings. ATQ realizes that outside of Oregon and (maybe) Stanford, this conference is a giant pot of mediocrity.

Winslow Townson

They said it would be a boring day of college football. That with only one top-25 matchup, it was a good day to do something else. Instead, Georgia-South Carolina was incredible. There were upsets galore with USC, Virginia Tech, and Louisville all going down. College football, once again, showed us that it doesn't disappoint.

Here are the power rankings:


1. Oregon (3-0) -- 48-14 vs. Wyoming

Marcus Mariota again showed why he is the Heisman favorite as the Ducks cruised to another blowout win. Keep an eye on the injury to OL Jake Fisher. This marks Oregon's fourth significant injury on the offensive line, and depth has to start becoming a concern.

2. Stanford (2-1) -- 35-0 vs. Army

Yeah, I know they have the loss to USC. But that was largely an aberration. That defense is for real. Through three games, they've given up only 13 points and have failed to allow 300 yards to any single opponent. The Cardinal is the only team in the conference that I don't have supreme confidence in Oregon annihilating right now.

3. California (2-0) -- BYE

Through two games, Cal has dispatched both opponents with ease. That's more than can be said for the teams below them on the list.

4. Washington (3-0) -- 44-19 vs. Illinois

This is more like the Washington we expected. The return of Cyler Miles seems to have fixed the offense. I still don't trust that defense, though.

5. Oregon State (2-0) -- BYE

OSU won their first two games, but need more style points to move up in the rankings.

6. Washington State (1-2) -- 59-21 vs. Portland State

WSU hosts Oregon next week. That one could get really ugly.


I'm grasping at straws here. Has anybody looked all that good? Should I be convinced that the Pac-12 South isn't a dumpster fire?

1. Utah (2-0) -- BYE

Yeah, I did it. I put the Utes at the top. I don't think the Utes will end up as the best team in the South. But they are the only one not to show any warts yet. Given the state of the South, that's good enough for this week.

2. Arizona (3-0) -- 35-28 vs. Nevada

Nevada could be legit good, but this is two weeks in a row that Arizona has struggled against mid-level foes. That said, they won.

3. Arizona State (3-0) -- 38-24 vs. Colorado

Arizona State would be higher if not for the injury to Taylor Kelly. Considering that head coach Todd Graham is "very concerned" over the injury, this isn't a good sign for ASU.

4. USC (2-1) -- 31-37 vs. Boston College

Oh. My. God. I don't care if this was bad for the conferece. This game was hilarious. BC rushed for 452 yards. USC rushed for 20. This is one of the two softest teams in the conference, along with....

5. UCLA (3-0) -- 20-17 vs. Texas

They bathe in all things soft in Los Angeles. Soft drinks. Fabric softener. Whatever. UCLA is 3-0, but has looked terrible against mediocre at best competition. If Brett Hundley is out for any extended period of time after injuring his elbow, the Bruins' season is toast.

6. Colorado (1-2) -- 24-38 vs. Arizona State

Momma always said if you don't have anything nice to say...

Next Week

Hawaii at Colorado

Utah at Michigan

Georgia State at Washington

California at Arizona

San Diego State at Oregon State

Oregon at Washington State