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National Review: Playoff Pontificating

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With the new playoff, being aware of the national trends is more important than ever. Rusty takes you through the (boring) week that was.

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Inconsistency Looms Large

A week after topping Ohio State in convincing fashion, Virginia Tech dropped a game to East Carolina.  The Hokies were down 21-0 in the second half before pulling to even.  With 16 seconds left Pirate quarterback Shane Carden faked a QB dive and instead weaved around the line for the game-winning touchdown.  The Big-10 looks even worse now after this loss.

The Trojans have a similar story.  After beating Stanford 13-10 they lost to Boston College.  Boston College!  The Eagles outran the Trojans 452 yards to 20.  The Trojans averaged less than a yard per carry.  That is awful and there's no way to sugarcoat it otherwise.  Thankfully UCLA beat Texas so the PAC-12 might have a second team eligible for the playoff.

We all thought Todd Gurley would run wild over the Gamecocks and that the leaky ‘Cocks secondary would allow plenty of yards through the air.  If only Gurley had gotten the ball more.  Gurley only carried the ball 20 times but averaged 6.6 yards per carry.  He converted 3rd and longs by himself reversing field.  It's a shame he didn't touch the ball more and I'm almost convinced that we are going to be robbed of seeing Todd Gurley go full beast mode this year.  Georgia had the chance to tie the game late with a field goal but it went wide ride.  Hatin' Ass Spurrier will be in full hatin' mode this week.

The Top Contenders

Oregon topped Wyoming a week after having the most convincing win of the season thus far when they beat Michigan State.

Oklahoma looked solid defensively against Tennessee and might make quarterback Trevor Knight's job easier.

Florida State had a bye and we know with what they had from last year they will be a top team once again.  They'll have the chance to show how legit they are this weekend against Clemson.

Anybody in the SEC-West is probably eligible at this point.  They have five teams in the most recent top ten poll.

Texas A&M rolled Rice and their win against South Carolina looks a little better now.  Alabama will probably wipe the floor with Florida this weekend and their win over West Virginia looks better every week.  Auburn travels to Kansas State this Thursday after being able to sleep through the first few weeks of their schedule.  LSU beat Wisconsin to start the year and has looked solid thus far.

Oh yeah, and Baylor makes every team they play against look bad.

My Playoffs

Oregon v. Oklahoma

Texas A&M v. Florida State