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Quack Fix: O-line prepares for MSU, comparing Stanford and MSU

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Your daily collection of Oregon Duck links. It's all MSU/Oregon.

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

Highlights (from Tuesday's official practice report)

  • Oregon has a couple Michiganders on the team (Jake Fisher and Dior Mathis), but neither seem to be too caught up in facing a team from their home state. The game itself is bringing enough motivation.
  • The intensity was very high yesterday, especially defensively, with a number of interceptions as well as some rushing stops at the line of scrimmage.
  • Scout team defensive lineman Jalen Jelks is pretending to be MSU all-American Shilique Calhoun this week, and he had a few nice plays. Uhhh, that doesn't seem good.

Video Of The Day

Mark Helfrich's weekly press conference. He didn't seem to take kindly to the question comparing Stanford and MSU at the 6:45 mark. I hope these questions piss off the team as well, and the team ends the storyline on Saturday. Well, at least until the next time we lose to a "physical" team.