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12 Pac Review: Oregon Jumps to the Top of the Pac

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Your weekly Pac-12 power rankings are wearing green and yellow glasses this week.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

WashingTEN and UCLA. Never have wins be so hilarious for the league's two most annoying fanbases. Here are the power rankings:


1. Oregon 47, Michigan State 27

Oregon currently possesses the best win in the conference. Michigan State proved it was legit, taking a two-score lead in the first half at Autzen--something that is almost unheard of. But Oregon proved itself more. A 28-3 second half barrage showed that Oregon could be tough and physical on both sides of the ball, and earned a maligned coaching staff major capital with outstanding halftime adjustments.

2. Stanford 10, USC 13

Yeah, I know Stanford has a loss when many behind it don't, but would you take Cal, Oregon State, or Washington to beat the Cardinal right now? Stanford dominated USC for much of the game--outgaining them 413 to 291. But much of Stanford's struggles were self-inflicted, as nine Cardinal drives inside the Trojan 35 resulted in just ten points. More or less, Stanford had a lot of bad luck, and any rumors of their demise are very premature. Oregon fans doubt Stanford at your own risk.

3. California 55, Sacramento State 14

Cal is finally healthy, and they showed their bretheren in Corvallis and Seattle how you act when a Big Sky team comes to town.

4. Oregon State 38, Hawaii 30

The Beavers were up 38-7 before doing their best Washington State impression, as Hawaii scored 23 unanswered to end the game. Still did better than Washington here, though.

5. Washington 59, Eastern Washington 52

You gave up 52 points to a Big Sky team. Apparently, the Huskies' new defensive coordinator spells his last name H-O-L-T.

6. Washington State 13, Nevada 24

I think dumpster fire is the appropriate term...


1. USC 13, Stanford 10

The Trojans got a lot of luck in their win over Stanford, but they hold the best win in the South right now. The offense was putrid, but SC's talented front line held the Cardinal to only 3.4 yards per rush. We know their starters are as talented as anyone in the conference, the question will be whether they can stay healthy as their depth is limited.

2. Utah 59, Fresno State 27

Don't let the final score fool you. If Utah would have left its starters in, this would have been much, much worse. Travis Wilson looks all the way back, with a five touchdown, zero interception day. Utah travels to the Big House next week, in a game that could mean more misery for the Big Ten.

3. Arizona State 58, New Mexico 23

A resume and a rank virtually indistinguishable from Utah. Will romp Colorado next week before facing the meaty part of the schedule.

4. Arizona 26, Texas-San Antonio 23

This game doesn't do a lot to change my perception of the Wildcats. If Arizona was trying to schedule cupcakes, they would have scheduled Texas-Austin, but Texas-San Antonio isn't a bad little team, especially on the road. Still, they struggled with them a bit too much not to have them below the teams they are below. QB Anu Solomon had a down game, and you can expect some up and down from the freshman all year.

5. UCLA 42, Memphis 35

Maybe it was Memphis. Maybe it was southern summer nights. But mostly it's that UCLA is vastly overrated. ATQ has been pretty consistent in saying we don't buy the UCLA hype, which was the product of a media machine that badly wanted a story out of LA. They play Texas next week. Please invent a good drinking game, as that is the only way anyone will survive that contest.

6. Colorado 41, UMass 38

Congrats on getting that one out of the way, Buffs. You won't be winning another game all year.

Next week

Wyoming at Oregon

Illinois at Washington

Army at Stanford

Portland State at Washington State

USC at Boston College

UCLA at Texas

Arizona State at Colorado

Nevada at Arizona