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Here is how I ripped off the rings of our Duck advent calendar this year as we headed toward the first College Football Playoff Championship

Game 1, South Dakota State - Huh, who knew Byron Marshall could play wide receiver?

Game 2.1, Michigan State (halftime) - I knew Helfrich was over his head. Back to the days of celebrating Holiday Bowl victories

Game 2.2, Michigan State (end) - Wow, that's some halftime adjustment by the offense, but I'm still not sold on the D

Game 3, Wyoming - Why the fuck did Helf promote Pellum?  Good god our D is bad, I mean that was Wyoming

Game 4, WSU - No way we go through this season unscathed with that O-line and this defense

Game 5, Arizona - Told you.

Game 6, Ucla - Nice win, but the defense is still struggling when it shouldn't

Game 7, Washington - Difference between you and me is I make this look good

Game 8, Cal - I'm going to drink a pint of whiskey cause our D is so bad and we're going to give up threeve jillion points to Stanford's anemic offense

Game 9, Stanford - Huh, maybe Pellum knew what he was talking about this off season

Game 10, Utah - Did we just make a really good defense look stupid?

Game 11, Colorado - ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Game 12, Oregon State - Mariota is just something special

Game 13, Arizona - Maybe our D is pretty good?

Game 14, Florida State - THAT is what Oregon looks like hitting on all cylinders




Game 15, Ohio State - I'm at peace.  Here we come Ohio State and I trust Helf, this staff, and Mariota to put the best product on the field they can.

Go Ducks