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Ohio State QB Braxton Miller Predicts Oregon To Win National Championship Game

A Twitter gaffe by Ohio State QB Braxton Miler will only fuel transfer rumors.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports


Braxton Miller picks UO

Yes. That's Ohio State QB Braxton Miller picking Oregon to win the national championship. Or at least him favoriting a Tweet that looks like a vote.

Maybe it's just a mistake--he favorited when he meant to retweet. Maybe it was something more sinister--maybe he wants out and was sending a message. There have been message board rumors abound of Miller, a two-time Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year, using his graduate transfer option to move on to Oregon or Florida State rather than sticking in Columbus and facing a three-way battle for his job with JT Barrett and Cardale Jones.

This makes for a funny kind of gaffe that the Internet will read way too much into. It means absolutely nothing meaningful. There are reasons Miller may transfer and reasons why he may not, and you can see our friends at Land Grant Holy Land if those interest you.

But still, the illusion of the Ohio State quarterback picking his team to lose in there biggest game is definitely good for Internet ha-has.