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College Gameday Thread

After some insanity last week, we get back into the swing of things to see the line that separates the contenders from the pretenders. Unbeaten teams put their records on the line as the race for the Playoffs continue.

Future NFL star?
Future NFL star?
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it on Thursday, unranked washington took care of business against our favorite guy - Steve Sarkisian - and his USC Trojans, pounding away a 17-12 victory.  Are we enjoying this, Ducks fans?  More "Seven Win Sark" references?  The glee you get from watching Sark's old team punk out his new team?  Making it even better that his new team has so much hype that it makes you throw up in your mouth a little and you go searching for the Pepto Bismol?  Here's your games for today.

Baylor (3) @ Kansas (FS1)

Oklahoma (10) @ Texas (ABC)

Illinois @ Iowa (22) (ESPN2)

Kent State @ Toledo (24) (ESPN3)

Navy @ Notre Dame (!5) (NBC)

LSU (7) @ South Carolina (ESPN)

Georgia Tech @ Clemson (6) (ABC/ESPN2)

Arkansas @ Alabama (8) (ESPN)

Oklahoma State (21) @ West Virginia (21) (ESPN2)

TCU (2) @ Kansas State (Fox)

Miami @ fsu (12) (ABC)

California (23) @ Utah (5) (ESPN)

A big game is going to be the last one.  Utah and California.  Both teams are undefeated but one of them won't be by the end of the night.  There are also some games on the Big10 network (I get you?  No? Why not?) including Michigan State (Who looked incredibly underwhelming last week) taking on Rutgers and their 2-2 record, as well as Harbaugh and Michigan (who is now apparently favored against every team in the country) being tested by #13 Northwestern and their 5-0 record. If the Wolverine faithful want to puff out their chests, they'll have to win today.  Lots of good games on today.  Keep the conversation flowing in the comments, and for the record, I DO accept tips.  Danke!