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Quack Fix: Crootin'

Your daily dose of hating washing11on, now with 100% less washing11on

WSU players love Charles Nelson so much they want to give him a hug
WSU players love Charles Nelson so much they want to give him a hug
Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports


  • While it sucks to lose it isn't the end of the world - and specifically, losing one game doesn't tend to affect recruiting. Case in point: Keith Simms loved his visit and likely wants to come back.
  • And La'mar Winston makes his case for USC recruits to schedule visits. Hey, you know what doesn't win recruits? Having to fire your alcoholic coach.
  • If you're curious, here are some USC commits that might want to come take a look-see.
  • Then again, Jared Mayden appears to be more on the fence. Oy. Well, it's a good thing we don't need quality cornerbacks or anything.
  • If you're like me and just can't get enough of last week's action, Mac & Mose break down the game as only they can. (with a lot of crying and drinking, I think). Also, if you have a crappy monitor be warned - their matching polos will destroy anything with less than a 120hz refresh rate.
  • Scott Frost says that we might need a bit more consistency at QB. Just a tad. Barely noticeable.
  • Okay, PFF might have noticed. It is beyond weird to see Oregon's QBs at the bottom of the entire Pac-12.
  • We have a practice report. Apparently they'd like to start doing this thing called the forward pass. My suggestion of kidnapping Mariota and convincing the world that he is actually Morgan Mahalak was not apparently well received.
  • And on the actual game: Washington starts out as a slight favorite for the first time in...gods. 10 years? 11? It's so hard to keep count. I can't remember the last time Washington was favored to beat Oregon.

Other news:

Got more news? Favored Husky training regimes? How about your best memory from 11 years ago for, oh, no reason?