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Quack Fix: Ugo Amadi focuses ahead

Your daily dose of Duck news.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports


  • Ugo Amadi, the true freshman has been "thrown to the wolves" this season in a secondary that has been going through growing pains. Amadi is the defender who was lined up against Washington State's Dom Williams when Luke Falk hit Williams for the game tying touchdown with only a second left in regulation. Despite giving up the touchdown that would keep the Cougars alive and eventually win the game, Amadi, instead of getting down on himself, is going to look at his technique and not let it happen again.
  • With the Ducks hitting some adversity this season with a 3-3 (1-2) record, leadership amongst the team is coming under scrutiny right now. Head coach Mark Helfrich talks about two seniors who are emerging as more vocal leaders for the team.
  • Kevin Gemmell over at ESPN takes a look at some things that were still relevant/around the last time Washington beat Oregon.
  • Lastly, Washington is preparing for the Ducks expecting to face off against Vernon Adams.