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College Gameday Thread

One game has more intrigue than the rest, but there is more continued chaos and intrigue to enjoy on this fine football day, including four ranked games.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, let's not kid ourselves.  Michigan and Michigan State is the main course for today.  Is there a hotter team in the country than the Wolverines?  You could make an argument for Utah, but after three straight shutouts, and after what they did to Northwestern last week, Michigan is on fire.  The Spartans, on the other hand, have barely been squeaking by with wins in games they should be dominating.  
There is also a lot of intrigue with the Notre Dame- USC game, as no one knows what the Trojans are going to look like without Steve Sarkisian running the show.  The team may come out more focused without the distraction of a head coach with some clear demons,  Regardless, the Fighting Irish and Trojans are always a good matchup.  
Lastly, we have Alabama and Texas A&M. "ESSSSS.  EEEEEEEE. SEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Iowa (17) @ Northwestern (20) (ABC)

West Virginia @ Baylor (2) (Fox)

Ole Miss (13) @ Memphis (ABC/ESPN2)

Louisville @ florida state (11) (ESPN)

Alabama (10) @ Texas A&M (9) (CBS)

Oklahoma (19) @ Kansas State (ABC)

Michigan State (7) @ Michigan (12) (ESPN)

Boston College @ Clemson (5) (ESPNU)

Florida (8) @ LSU (6) (ESPN)

TCU (3) @ Iowa State (ESPN2)

USC @ Notre Dame (14) (NBC)

Penn State @ Ohio State (1) (ABC)

Arizona State @ Utah (4) (ESPN)

Fun facts - 14 of the AP Top 25 Ranked teams are undefeated ... Utah State somehow knocked out (RANKED!) Boise State 52-26 last night, and sudden-power Stanford (15) provided a TKO to UCLA (18) 56-35 ... How crazy was last week?  Tennessee took out Georgia, Texas actually won a game, ironically, against a team they should have lost to in a big way to in Oklahoma, Steve Spurrier stepped away, Steve Sarkisian was let go for more important issue, and Rutgers lost a game by spiking the ball on 4th down for some reason....