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Slingin Quack: DUCKS WIN! DUCKS WIN!

Rusty and Sean look at the 12th straight win over Washington. The arrival of Darren Carrington this season and the return of Vernon Adams were the biggest brights spots along with a new front seven. Basketball is also previewed for 2015.

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Oregon and Washington squared off in Seattle this past weekend and Oregon came away with a big win.  It looked like the streak might come to an end during an off year but the return of Darren Carrington, Vernon Adams, and the front seven actually living up to their expectations.

There are big positives and negatives to take away from the game.  How much of an improvement did Vernon Adams actually bring?  How much more of an impact can Darren Carrington have?  Does this mean a new Oregon squad the rest of the season?

Sean and I go through a very early preview of the basketball season.  Even though Altman has had extended success as head coach of the basketball team there still isn't huge attendance numbers.  I don't believe that it's because of the transfer students or anything like that.  Do this for instance:

I also want you guys to go through your own exercise that I posed to Sean near the end of the pod.

Name three words you would use to describe the Oregon football team:




Name three words you would use to describe the Oregon basketball team: