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College Gameday thread week 8

I know how pumped you are for James Madison and Richmond

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

So there's no Duck game this weekend, which I believe means that y'all are now going outside, doing chores that you've long put off, possibly getting off of the couch for a few seconds or potentially spending time with family who are not as terrified of you as they usually are.

Maybe that's just me.

Is it a coincidence that the games this week suck when the Ducks are off? Everyone else knows they couldn't compete. We have Clemson currently obliterating what remained of Al Golden's career, Baylor extending their lead of hapless cupcakes and Nebraska seeing what they can do to fire Mike Riley. Later on in the day look for Michigan State to barely beat Indiana, Alabama to make Tennessee cry a lot, Oklahoma  to inexplicably either lose big or win big (because that's all they do), WSU to win 3 games in a row for the first time in over 10 years (no, seriously) and Utah to somehow lose to an unranked USC because, hey, why not?

This week's prime time game is seriously Ohio State at Rutgers.

And #Pac12AfterDark is Washington at Stanford, which should be fun if you're into snuff films.

Go Ducks!