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Quack Fix: Let it ride

Your daily dose of Duck news, Pat Tillman, panic and letting the quack fix ride

This is a fairly punchable face
This is a fairly punchable face
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

ARE YOU READY? No, you're not.

First, Actually Important Things to read.

  • Go take the time, right now, to read this great piece on a story from 1980 Oregon football history that changed Oregon politics and speech for 35 years. See how little has changed in college culture, how all those horrible things that we think don't happen happened here, easily, even when we sucked, and think about what you can do to change things for the better. Susan Elizabeth Shepard is a phenomenal writer and this is one of the best things that will be written about sports this year.

Football stuff!

That's it for now. Go Ducks, and tune in later for the best stats article that you'll open, look at the conclusion and mock while its author cries and huddles in the bathroom that you'll read all week!