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Official: Nike unveils new Oregon Pioneers uniforms for Washington State game

The jerseys are a salute to Lewis and Clark, who arrived in Oregon in 1805.

Oregon is a state rich in history dating back to the days of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805. So naturally, it's only fitting that the Oregon Ducks don a uniform to salute the accomplishments of the two explorers. On Monday morning, Nike unveiled these special edition uniforms that the Ducks will wear against the Washington State Cougars on October 10.

There are several unique features about the uniforms, which include:

  • Topographic collage of Oregon, including Eugene and Mt. Hood.
  • Each player's individual uniform highlights a different section of the topographic map.
  • A silhouette of Lewis and Clark is on the helmet as a decal. There's also a decal of the Duck pointing West in honor of the explorers.
  • The front bumper of the helmet features the handshake from the Thomas Jefferson Peace Medals that were presented to Lewis and Clark to give to those they encountered along the way.
  • The back of the helmet has a 33-star flag as Oregon was the 33rd state accepted into the union in 1859.
  • The lines on the helmet represent the legs of the 2,200-mile journey across the country.
  • The words "Salute the State are found on the inner back neckline of the jersey.

These special edition jerseys, along with hoodies, hats and t-shirts will be available for purchase at and at the Oregon Ducks retail shop. Below are the pictures of what the uniforms will look like.