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Armchair Quarterback: Would You Have Gone For It On 4th Down?

Oregon was able to bounce back after that unsettling loss to Utah with a 41-24 win over Colorado.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this week was a lot more fun than it was against Utah last week.

Looking to bounce back from a loss at to Utah, the Oregon Ducks did just that heading in to Folsom Field to defeat the Colorado Buffalos 41-24. The Ducks offense seemed to click really well, with the Ducks ground game putting 361 yards and rushed for 3 touchdowns. Royce Freeman went off for 163 yards 2 touchdowns for an average of 6 yards per carry. Taj Griffin had himself a night as well, running for 110 yards along with a touchdown and averaging 10 yards per carry. Griffin was really able to boost his stats with that 62 yard run.

The quarterback position is still in somewhat of a flux. Jeff Lockie got the start this week as Vernon Adams is still dealing with that finger injury. Lockie went 8 for 11 for 54 yards, but did throw an interception. Taylor Alie did see some action going 4 for 9 and 83 yards and did toss a touchdown. However, the player with the highest QB on the night at 100.0 was Bralon Addison, going 1 for 1 for 39 yards and a touchdown to Charles Nelson.

For today's discussion, we are going to debate on the decision to go for it on 4th and 1 towards the end of the 3rd when the Ducks were up 31-17. Helfrich decided to go for it on 4th and 1 on the Oregon 46 yard line, but was stuffed for a loss of 1 and gave Colorado great field position, which they took advantage of on the next series and brought the game to within a touchdown. Obviously, this wouldn't have to much effect on the game as Oregon was able to win 41-24. This aggressive play calling could prove to be disastrous if this was against a better team than Colorado. So the question that we're going to debate in this weeks Armchair Quarterback is, would you have gone for it on 4th or try to get a better field advantage by punting it?