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Slingin' Quack: Sean thinks UW beats UO and I'm not making that up

I kid you not this is a real thing that was said on the podcast. I'm not making this up. Rusty and Sean talk about the win over Colorado, do an in-depth analysis on the defense and which unit is most disappointing, and preview the game against WSU.

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Normally I try to come up with funny titles but this was just too wild to not make it as the headline.  You'll have to listen through to find it though.  CLICKBAIT FTW.

Sean and I talk about the Colorado game and what the stats say.  Obviously, we talk about the defense and how it has gotten worse over the last couple years.  But is the secondary really to blame?  Is there another position that is not meeting expectations?  One unit is severely disappointing this season.

There were a couple noticeable moves in the Colorado game.  We talk about the re-appearance of Oregon's power running attack and how Taj Griffin fits into the offense.

Taylor Alie and Jeff Lockie are now sharing time at quarterback.  Is Alie that good? What do we make of a two-quarterback system?  Is Vernon Adams going to be back soon and is he actually that much better than the other QBs?