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Slingin' Quack: [Insert Original Stanford Pun Here]

Rusty and Sean are back after having issues last week. Thanks Pellum. But they're back to talk about Oregon's growth on both offense and defense, talk about the playoff top 25, and what the basketball team looks like heading into the season opener

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

After last weeks difficulties we are back!  Sean and I spend a lot of time going over the win against Arizona State and Cal.  Both games showed signs of improvement for their own reasons.  This team is clearly getting better as the season goes on and I think they'll be able to finish strong.

Looking at the team we saw against Eastern Washington, Georgia State, Colorado, Utah, and Washington State, this team seems light years ahead.  The offense is totally revamped with the addition of Vernon Adams and Darren Carrington.

The defense is starting to make plays.  Sacks and interceptions are happening (THEY'RE HAPPENING!) but the lone weakness of the defense thus far has been consistently getting off the field after third downs.  Against Cal everything came together.  At this point, what can we say about whether the defense will get better and what the lasting impression is of the unit?  We're at week 11 so they have a clear identity.

At the end of the pod we talk about the most recent playoff rankings and how much of a joke they are, the game against Stanford, and the basketball season that kicks off tomorrow night.

-Keep in mind due to our schedules we end up doing this extremely late at night and sometimes into the next day.-