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College Gameday Thread

Week 11 will continue to weed out the pretenders and highlight the contenders. There are a lot of teams on the outside of the Playoff picture looking in. Will the deck get shuffled with the results of today's games?

Worthy of the #1 spot?
Worthy of the #1 spot?
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Some things never change.  Much like last year, we have teams and fan bases griping about not being ranked high enough in the College Football Playoffs rankings.  It inspires conversation, to be sure.  How is Iowa ranked so high?  Or are they really underrated?  Why did LSU drop for having virtually the same resume that Alabama had last week?  Is Clemson the real deal or will they fold when it counts?  Is Baylor wishing they had a Conference Championship game?  How is Ohio State ranked so high despite not playing any ranked teams?  Seriously....the Buckeyes haven't played a ranked team all year.  Though they have Michigan and Michigan State on the horizon.  The Stanford-Oregon game is going to be epic, with Stanford on fire and a marquee matchup with the conference's two best running backs in Royce Freeman and Christian McCaffrey.

Fun fact - Oregon had initially attempted to recruit current-Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey. Imagine what he could have done in our offense with his Swiss Army Knife skillset.....

As always, all times are Pacific, and now, the ranking following the listed team is that of the College Football Playoff ranking, as opposed to the usual AP ranking.

Keep the conversation flowing in the comments.  GO DUCKS!


Florida (11) @ South Carolina (ESPN)

Kansas @ TCU (15) (FS1)

Ohio State (3) @ Illinois (ABC)

Maryland @ Michigan State (13) (ESPN2)


NC State @ florida state (16) (ESPN3)


Miami (FL) @ North Carolina (23) (ESPNU)

Wake Forest @ Notre Dame (4) (NBC)

Clemson (1) @ Syracuse (ABC/ESPN2)

Alabama (2) @ Mississippi State (17) (CBS)

Michigan (14) @ Indiana (ABC/ESPN2)

Oklahoma State (8) @ Iowa State (ESPN)


Memphis (21) @ Houston (24) (ESPN2)

Arkansas @ LSU (9) (ESPN)

OREGON @ Stanford (7) (ABC)


Oklahoma (12) @ Baylor (6) (ABC)


Utah (10) @ Arizona (FS1)


Washington State @ UCLA (19) (ESPN)