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ThirdAndPellum WINS: Oregon beats Stanford 38-36


Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This isn't going to be as detailed. Apologies, as I'm too busy running around my house and yelling at cats.

Oregon got huge gains  on giant plays over and over again - a 49 yard pass to Taj Griffin, a 49 yard run by Royce Freeman.

An incredibly awesome 75 yard run by the Hornung award winner, Charles Nelson.

A 47 yard pass to Darren Carrington, who apparently has the ability to be completely invisible.

A 47 yard pass to Taj Griffin where he makes some absurdly sick moves.

A 19 yard run by Freeman, cementing his ability as one of the best runners on Oregon of all time.

Oregon was very much boom and bust, but they were able to score enough to put Stanford down 38-23 with the final quarter remaining. And that was enough.

But nothing compares to the two fumbles that Stanford had on their center-QB exchange which were recovered by Oregon. Kevin Hogan fumbled twice, and both times it was recovered by Oregon miraculously. Tyson Coleman and Torrodney Prevot recovered the fumbles, and that was the major game decider.

Stanford managed to drive down and score a TD to make the score 38-36 on yet another TD to Greg Taboada, but on the two point conversion Don Pellum came up big, called a great blitz, and Kevin Hogan could not complete the pass.

The onside kick was both offsides and recovered by Oregon.

Oregon manages to destroy Stanford's playoff hopes, cost the Pac-12 at least $6 million dollars, and keep their absurdly slim Rose Bowl hopes alive. And I could not be happier. Congratulations to Oregon, Don Pellum, Vernon Adams and Royce Freeman.

My predictions were once again totally wrong and I could not be happier. Oregon won on the strength of getting timely turnovers, being able to stop Stanford in the red zone from scoring TDs and converting TDs of their own.

Go. Ducks. Way to win the day.