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A huge week in Oregon sports. Oregon basketball beat Baylor in a top-25 matchup and Oregon had a huge 38-36 win over Stanford to ruin their playoff hopes. The front 7 far surpassed expectations given their opponent and the offense was explosive.

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

We got almost too much quack this week so we tried our best to make sure we got everything in on a shortened timeline.

The first thing Sean and I talk about is the performance of the Oregon basketball defense.  The offense really struggled at times but the defense forced 18 turnovers and got 28 points off of them.  Five players had over 10 points.  Boucher had 15, Cook had 15, Brooks had 10, Dorsey had 12, Benjamin had 13, and even Benson had 9.  While I hope we have one guy who can stand out and score in the clutch we have to be optimistic with the number of people who are scoring.

Oregon football had the biggest win of the year when they beat Stanford.  Stanford has been eliminated from the playoff hunt.  Oregon's defense played opportunistic defense and overall extremely well given the strengths and weaknesses of each side.  The running game was astounding and Vernon Adams only had to throw 12 times.  Sean and I talk more in depth about the game and the positives and negatives.  We talk about this biggest moments of the game and what it's like to watch a game on the farm.

The last ten minutes are about USC.  Kessler has been playing well but USC lost two of their starting linebackers.  Smith-Schuster is terrifying on the outside at receiver and Jackson could slow down Carrington.  Carrington somehow gets open all the time but Jackson might be the one to wrap him up.

Sean and I go into a lot of details about the win over Baylor, the win over Stanford, and the upcoming game against USC.  Thanks to everyone who listens and tweets at us.