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Quack Fix: Civility

Your daily dose of the last regular season game for Oregon Football in 2015

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Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. With this being the last football game, we'll devote the links that you won't read to that odd looking ball that despite its name rarely gets kicked.


Friday's dose of OMG:

Two things this Friday. The first is that you should go see the Expanse. First episode's free, done by a protege of GRRM, and is in the same awesome vein as BSG, Game of Thrones and other gritty, character-centric awesomeness IN SPACE.

The second is xkcd. xkcd is one of the best comics out there, and they recently released a book - and to celebrate, they released a game as their comic - hoverboard. What's your high score? Mine is 75.