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College Gameday Open Thread

Some call this "Rivalry Week." Other simply see it -sadly- as the end of the regular season. If your team wasn't good enough to compete for their conference, or a bowl game, then today is the last dance. Fortunately, our Ducks are riding a ton of momentum. But for all of the other games you were wondering about...

Oh baby, now we've got baaaaaad blood....
Oh baby, now we've got baaaaaad blood....
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Gameday, my Ducks brethren! We were treated to a Ducks win over Oregon State to start the weekend (unless you nad a long weekend, in which case, you lucky sonnovaduck), though I'm sure we'd all agree that we should never give up 42 points to the Beavers....but I digress.  There was a big selection of games on Friday night.  Here are some of the scores in case you were busy watching Vernon Adams look like an absolute stud:

(7) Baylor - 21
(19) TCU - 28

(4) Iowa - 28
Nebraska - 20

(15) Navy - 31
Houston - 52

(20) Washington State - 10
Washington - 45

Western Michigan - 35
(24) Toledo - 30



Ohio State (8) @ Michigan (10) (ABC)

Clemson (1) @ South Carolina (ESPN)


Colorado @ Utah (23) (P12)


Penn State @ Michigan State (5) (ESPN)

Northwestern (16) @ Illinois (ESPNU)

North Carolina (14) @ NC State (ABC/ESPN2)

Alabama (2) @ Auburn (CBS)



Connecticut @ Temple (25) (ESPNU)


Ole MIss (18) @ Mississippi State (21) (ESPN2)


florida state (13) @ Florida (12) (ESPN)

Notre Dame (6) @ Stanford (9) (Fox)


Oklahoma (3) @ Oklahoma State (11) (ABC)

There is a lot on the line here today.  If Michigan State wins against a weak Nittany Lions team, they'll challenge current-Playoff team Iowa (12-0!) for B10 supremacy.  That being said, Michigan and Ohio State promise to be an intense, hate-filled game.  Florida and florida state should be an intriguing matchup, and I think we'll all have our eyes on Stanford and Notre Dame.

Last night had a few notable upsets, highlighted by TCU REALLY upsetting Baylor, and including washington taking down a ranked (!) Washington State team, and Western Michigan (Western Michigan, represent!) taking the wind out of Toledo's sails.  In addition, Houston completely shocked Navy.  So that's three ranked teams that went down.  More chaos today?