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Quack Fix: Ennis ailing, Marshall (potentially) returning

Lots of good -- and bad -- injury news for Oregon football and basketball

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
  • Will he, or won't he? That will be one of the questions Oregon will get answered in the offseason, as it appears the return of Byron Marshall will come down to...Byron Marshall.
  • Glamour isn't all it's cut out to be; just ask former 4-5 star recruits who have flamed out. Kani Benoit may be the perfect running back for this Oregon team -- unassuming, yet immensely talented.
  • Coach John Neal isn't breaking any news here...what he is doing, however, is shedding some light on a situation that is becoming more and more clear: Jared Goff is really good.
  • Despite last night's win, all is not roses for the Oregon basketball team, as projected starting guard Dylan Ennis will miss at least a month with a foot injury.
  • I would have loved to see the reporters researching this Arrion Springs quote, to fill out their headlines...nevertheless, Springs has emerged from his Week 4 benching to become one of Oregon's best playmakers in the secondary.