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Slinging Quack: Lost to the Universe

The weekly Slinging Quack podcast will not be appearing this week due to technical difficulties.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Sean and I do our best to make sure you get your 60-80 minute podcast every week that is 60% discussing Oregon athletics and 40% going on relevant tangents.  Due to some technical difficulties during the process we are unable to provide the show this week.  This is only the second time in the last few years where we've had a "lost pod."

The big points I was going to make was that I'm too old to handle these close games.  Vernon Adams made a bunch of plays in one of the silliest games I've ever seen.  Really, I don't think neither Oregon or Arizona State really did enough to claim the win in Tempe.

I don't understand how the Royce Freeman wildcat carries made any sense in the context of going against the Sun Devils.  Then I don't understand why Royce Freeman didn't get some more carries in a variety of situations.  Then I don't understand why we kept going to the Bralon Addison pass in 3OT.  But whatever at this point, Oregon had no business winning that game but they won anyways so I'm cool with it.

One of the topics I really wanted to discuss with Sean is the defense.  I personally don't think that Don Pellum is entirely to blame.  I think units and individuals on defense have been executing extremely poorly.  I believe there's only so much you can do when players don't execute at an at least average level.  The pass rush has been showing signs of life but the secondary is still one of the strengths of the defense week in and week out.   Cal is going to send guys vertical to bring the defensive backs up and then pick apart the underneath routes.  That's what everyone does at this point.

Regardless, consistency at Oregon has been the secret sauce of the program since Rich Brooks was head coach.  Making decisions too fast is something that kills other programs all the time and rarely helps.  I really don't believe that the majority of the blame for the defense can go on Pellum.  Maybe having a big turnover on the defense will be a good thing.  The only conversation that I think should be happening right now is what point Pellum should be on the hot seat because he sure shouldn't be on it now.