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Quack Fix: We finally get Bama....kind of

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Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports


  • It's finally happening! After years of "We want Bama" chants, the Ducks finally face off against the Crimson Tide today. Okay, it's not in football, but it should still make for a good basketball game.
  • For a solid preview of tonight's game, our friends at Roll Bama Roll have you covered.
  • It's the season of giving, and the Ducks gave kicker Aiden Schneider the best gift of all: a scholarship.
  • After beating Portland State on Thursday, the Oregon women's basketball team is one of just nine undefeated teams left in the nation.
  • Marcus Mariota's rookie season could be over. Against the Patriots on Sunday, Mariota suffered a minor knee sprain and could be shut down for the year, considering that the Titans are just 3-11, tied with the Browns for the worst record in the NFL.

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