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Eagles Release Former Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly

The Philadelphia Eagles have released former Oregon offensive coordinator and head coach Chip Kelly. He coached the Eagles for three seasons, two of which featured ten wins. His release comes after a troubling season with big off-season moves.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles have released former Oregon offensive coordinator and head coach Chip Kelly from his coaching duties today.  the Philadelphia Eagles official twitter account had the release.

The official statement reads:

Today, Jeffrey Lurie, Chairman and CEO of the Philadelphia Eagles, released Head Coach Chip Kelly.

"We appreciate all the contributions that Chip Kelly made and wish him every success going forward," said Lurie.

Coach Pat Shurmur will be interim head coach for Sunday’s game against the New York Giants.

Ed Marynowitz, vice president of player personnel, was also released. Tom Donahoe, former GM of the Buffalo Bills and director of football operations for the Pittsburgh Steelers and senior football advisor for the Eagles since 2012, will assume the role of senior director of player personnel.

A press conference will be held Wednesday, December 30 at the NovaCare Complex at Noon with Lurie.

Chip Kelly can have an abrasive personality evident in the multiple players with heavy criticism of the coach when they were released or traded.  Some even accused Chip Kelly of being racist.

Kelly brought a great emphasis on sports science into the league.  Some of his decisions designed to maximize what he wants to run on offense while still being efficient with the salary cap can seem questionable, especially when Chip Kelly doesn't like explaining himself to anyone.  He could get away with it at Oregon because he was winning, but the strategy doesn't work so well when losing.

In Kelly's first two seasons with the Eagles he led them to two, ten win seasons.  This year had been a struggle throughout.  He made a few big-time moves releasing two of the better offensive linemen on the team, one a recent Pro-Bowler, and he traded LeSean McCoy and Nick Foles.

The McCoy trade worked out well.  Kelly basically flipped an older running back making a lot of money into Kiko Alonso, Ryan Matthews, and DeMarco Murray with some money left over.  I believe the biggest flaw to be not replacing the offensive linemen he released with at least replacement level players.  The offensive line was atrocious, which is problematic when the offense is built on running and when 70% of passing plays are play-action.

I doubt Chip Kelly will return to college unless he has to because he really seemed to dislike having to be a public figure in fundraising and really doing anything that didn't involve player development and strategy.

The Titans released their coach earlier this year so I'm sure they are dialing up Chip Kelly right now.

UPDATE:  The Eagles did not tell the players that they were firing Chip Kelly