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Slingin' Quack: The Tragic Hero Bowl

Oregon takes on TCU in the Alamo Bowl. This matchup could have easily been a playoff game if not for a bunch of injuries for both teams. Sean and Rusty also talk about basketball and a bunch of other nonsense like the new movie concussion.

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We're back!  Took a couple weeks off because of the holidays and we figured not that many people would listen, nor did our schedules line up.  But!  Comin' to you live from Hamsterdam we've got a lot of quack.

First, we talk about the Oregon football game against the TCU Horned Frogs.  There's the obvious conversation about Trevone Boykin, whom I wrote an article about earlier this week.  Boykin is terrifying and is the player that we all thought Bralon Addison could be in a perfect world where he easily slid into the quarterback position when Vernon Adams went down and he received the golden arm of Johnny Unitas from the god Xerxes.

The QB edge goes to TCU but if not for a Vernon Adams injury at the beginning of the year we are looking at a one loss Oregon squad (most likely).  TCU was ravaged by injuries on defense leading to a few very misleading scores and Trevone Boykin was absent a couple close wins.

The Alamo Bowl and Texas have a thing for tragic heroes.  People that could have accomplished greatness if not for a few things outside of their control.  Oregon does it too.  For years we were talking about who would be the next Dennis Dixon.  Both of these teams are tragically heroic teams.  If not for injuries both of these teams would (most likely) be in the playoffs.  The players and teams that could have been are all right here.  This is one of the top five bowl games, and that's including the playoffs.