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College Gameday: Championship week 2015

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Your place to discuss the very slim but totally going to happen hopes of Oregon's Rose Bowl

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

If you want Oregon to go to the Rose, you want about as much chaos as possible. Here are your choices for rooting interests (in bold)

  • Texas at Baylor (9:00 AM, ESPN)
  • Temple at Houston (9:00 AM, ABC)
  • Southern Miss at Western Kentucky (9:00 AM, ESPN2)
  • Georgia State at Georgia Southern (9:00 AM, ESPN3)
  • Texas State at Arkansas State (12:00, ESPN3)
  • New Mexico State at Louisiana Monroe (12:00, ESPN3)
  • Florida at Alabama (1:00 PM, CBS)
  • West Virginia at Kansas State (1:30 PM, FS1)
  • Troy at Lousiana-Lafayette (2:00, ESPN3)
  • Appalachian State at South Alabama (4:30, ESPN3)
  • Air Force at San Diego State (4:30, ESPN2)
  • USC vs. Stanford (4:45, ESPN)
  • Michigan State vs. Iowa (5:00, FOX)
  • North Carolina vs Clemson (5:00, ABC)