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Quack Fix: Scouting Vernon Adams, Basketball enters the stretch run

Your daily collection of Oregon Duck links.

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  • A week after signing day, most Duck talk has centered around Oregon's likely starting QB next season, transfer Vernon Adams. While he'll have a lot to live up to, Adams isn't afraid of the shadow of Marcus Mariota.
  • Pacific Takes scouts Adams, and looks at his strengths. Notably, author Jamie Uyeyama talks about his strength throwing the deep ball. He has some good clips to show that strength. Now I'm getting excited about him hitting Addison, Allen, and Carrington deep next season, especially with a coaching staff that has shown a desire to move the ball down the field through a deep passing game. Adams does have some weaknesses that could prove important, but it's very likely Adams will keep Oregon producing at a very high level at the QB position while the coaching staff develops the young talent on the roster.
  • Eastern Washington has not been thrilled with Adams' transfer, and that's the topic of this Bud Wither's (of the Seattle Times) column. It's rich that EWU administrators are bitching about players transferring when they themselves can abandon those players at any moment they have a better opportunity. I'm glad that in recent years Oregon has not been petty about players transferring, and I hope that continues in the future.
  • Oregon baseball starts on Friday. Dave had a great look at the pitching staff, and we'll have more coming soon, but Tyson Alger adds a bit on opening day starter Cole Irvin, who is coming off Tommy John surgery.
  • It's the stretch run for the basketball team, but there's still a possibility of reach the NCAA tournament. Oregon sits tied for 3rd in the conference at 7-4 and headed to LA this week, and finish the regular season against Colorado and No. 11 Utah next week. Tonight they have last place USC, a game they absolutely must win.
  • Former USC linebacker Garrett Breeland passed awaover the weekend. His son, Jacob, is a tight end that signed with Oregon last week. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Breeland family.

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