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Quack Fix: Mercy, Mercy Jerome Kersey

While not Duck related, I feel the need to start off today's Quack Fix on a sad note. Former Blazer Jerome Kersey passed away in Tualatin last night at the age of 52. The cause of death is unknown, but it was sudden and unexpected. Growing up in Oregon, every kid looked to the Trail Blazers as heroes, and I maintain that those early 90s squads are one of the best NBA teams of all-time not to take home a title. Kersey was not just an outstanding basketball player, but was universally loved as an outstanding person, and was one of the rare Trail Blazers to continue to make Portland his home after his playing days were over. Just a sad night all the way around. Condolences to the Kersey family.

While it seems insignificant in comparison, here are your links:

That's all I've got for today.