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A Note On The Future Of Addicted to Quack

In 2006, in the weeks after the controversial Oregon/Oklahoma football game that ended with the most controversial onside kick of all-time, I started Addicted to Quack. I posted some comments in an old Sporting News forum about that game. Somehow, Peter Bean of SB Nation saw those comments and asked me if I would be interested in starting a blog. I had no expectation that anyone would want to read what I wrote. I certainly had no expectation that nine years later, I would still be writing.

During that nine years, I took a five-month hiatus, but I've served two stints as managing editor. I've written thousands of posts, tens of thousands of comments, and recorded hundreds of podcasts. I started ATQ as a recent college graduate with nothing but free time on my hands, and kept it while having three children, working full time, and coaching two high school sports. Its been a blast, one of the most fun things I've ever worked on in my life. But it has also required sacrifices. I've had to put things off with my kids so that I can write. I don't know what it's like to watch a game without thinking of an angle to write about. I've been off limits to my wife on Tuesday nights for years so that I can record podcasts.

I've done a lot the past few years to make time for ATQ. I don't regret that. ATQ, and specifically the ATQ community has been wonderful, and I've gotten far more out of it than I've put in. But I'm also at a point in my life where I'm ready to stop "making time." For that reason, I have stepped down as the managing editor at ATQ.

With every decision comes an opportunity, and I'm really excited to announce that Sean Larson will be the the new managing editor. He's been with us for a year, and has greatly impressed me with his writing ability, input and ideas. I also know how much he values ATQ's community, history, and culture, and that those things will not change under his leadership. He'll keeping moving us forward while  maintaining our key ideals of community and fun. I know he's going to do a great job, and his presence is part of what makes me feel good about being able to make this transition.

I'll maintain authorship status, but expect my role to be very small. I'll write if I have something I really feel I need to say, but don't expect any kind of consistency.

Before I leave, I want to make sure I thank a few people. Thanks to Jared Light, who was managing editor in between my two stints, and brought on many of the great authors you have enjoyed for years. To Matt Daddy, who for years was a fantastic podcast cohost, and Rusty Ryan, who has done a great job with me the past year. Thanks to Nick Trebon, who was the first co-author I ever had on this blog. And to Matt Takimoto and Dominic Vieira, who are not only friends, but have shown the same commitment and love for this place over a long period of time as I have.

I'm also thankful for many newer contributors. To Will Rubin and Jake Tabor, who did a great job as beat writers for us, and Dom and Brandon who have filled that role this year. Thanks to Noah, Kalon, Ryan, and Shawn for sharing their talents with us. They'll all still be around and will continue to be great under Sean's leadership. And thanks to other authors over the years whom I have neglected to mention by name, but whose contributions are no less appreciated.

I'd also like to thank some others who have been very helpful over the years: Brian Floyd and Jeff Nusser at CougCenter and TwistNhook at CGB specifically, as well as Matt and Luke at SB Nation.

But mostly, I want to thank all the ATQ readers, You have made this experience so very enjoyable for me. While I have put so much work into this place, thanks to all of you, I have gotten so much more out of it. I cannot express how much I appreciate all of you.

It's been such a pleasure to host this party for most of the last nine years. I'll hang out from time to time, may even serve a drink or two, The party will go on, but I'm going to get some much needed rest.