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Printable NCAA bracket 2015: Print it, fill it out, watch it combust into flames

Because we all know you're not really working on that presentation or studying for final exams.

They say the first Thursday and Friday of the NCAA tournament are the two most unproductive days of the year in the workplace. That even factors in days like Thanksgiving and Christmas where no one is in the office. You hear that? We are more unproductive in the office this week than when we literally don't even show up. That's amazing.

In order to fuel that lack of productivity, we have SB Nation's printable NCAA tournament bracket. Use pen if you're feeling bold, but most likely you'll go back and forth on these picks all week long. Personally, I like to use my quill pen and jar of ink in order to fill out the bracket in style.

There are, as always, a number of interesting match-ups that could go ether way. Some to keep an eye on include Butler/Texas, SMU/UCLA, SF Austin/Utah (my 12 over 5 pick for this year), and of course, Oregon/Oklahoma State.