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Marcus Mariota will not attend 2015 NFL Draft

The quarterback announced he will be watching the draft with family in Hawaii.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

We've still got a month before the 2015 NFL Draft, so that means we get to scrutinize every possible aspect of Marcus Mariota and his draft stock. While there's no new developments on where he might end up, we now know where Mariota will be when his name is called on April 30 in Chicago.

This means no bro hugs from Roger Goodell for either Mariota or Jameis Winston. Both said that being with family was more important. Winston's grandmother has type 2 diabetes and can't travel, while Mariota said that being at home in Hawaii was more important, both personally and culturally.

So instead of Mariota holding up his new jersey while posing for a photo with Goodell, we'll be taking a live look into Mariota's home when his name is announced.

We all know Mariota doesn't like being in the spotlight, so this decision shouldn't come as a surprise. Pretty soon, Mariota won't be able to spend much time with his family, so it's understandable he wants to be with them for the biggest moment of his life thus far.