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Coming Soon: ATQ Bracket Challenge, with a possible twist?

Let the Madness begin.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The calendar has turned to March, and it's time to start prepping for the annual ATQ Bracket Challenge. This year, SB Nation has moved away from the Yahoo! brackets and instead will be using something called Real Time Brackets. Why is it called Real Time Brackets? I'm glad you asked.

There are three different modes we can choose from for this year's bracket contest. They are as follows:

  • Traditional: This is the type of bracket we're all used to. Make your picks before the tournament starts, and watch helplessly as your bracket bursts into flames when you pick Duke in the Final Four, only for Mercer to ruin everything.
  • Intermediate: Did you make your picks with confidence, only to have a last-minute freakout the morning of a game thinking you picked wrong? You can change your pick at anytime up until the game.
  • Advanced: This is where Real Time Brackets gets its name. Were you picking Oregon to lose in the first round? How foolish of you. Suddenly, the Ducks are up by seven with five minutes to play. You can change your pick to Oregon, but you won't get as many points for switching picks.
  • Personally, I'm all for the traditional brackets, but I could see where some of the other formats might make it interesting. I mean, we can fill out endless traditional brackets elsewhere, right?

    So here is what we'll do. Before I create our group for this year, leave your vote in the comments for which format you'd like to see used. The format with the most votes will be the one we'll go with. Next week, keep an eye out for the official ATQ Bracket Challenge post with instructions on how to join the group.

    In the meantime, you can learn more about Real Time Brackets here.