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Outgoing SEC commissioner Mike Slive says Dyer was down

Mike Slive dropped a bombshell on Wednesday that shocked the college football world.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Recently retired SEC Commissioner Mike Slive had one of the most successful tenures in the conference's history, seeing the SEC win seven straight BCS championships. Of those seven, one may not have happened had one play gone a little differently.

Slive revealed that during the 2011 BCS National Championship Game between Auburn and Oregon, Michael Dyer was in fact down, tackled by defensive back Eddie Pleasant. It's a fact that Duck fans have known for years, but the frustration of the call not being made has haunted the fan base ever since.

"A few weeks after the game, the Big Ten referees eventually told us that knew they made the wrong call on the field," Slive admits. "I felt like now was the time to reveal this information to both the Auburn and Oregon fan bases."

For Auburn, it's just another moment of luck that the team experienced in their magical 2010 season that included a comeback for the ages against Alabama. They trailed the Crimson Tide 24-0 at one point, then roared back for a 28-27 for a miraculous 1 point win. But Michael Dyer's was the luckiest break the Tigers got all season, as the Tigers defeated the Ducks 22-19 in the championship game.

"I knew I made the play, I just can't believe the officials didn't call him down when it was obvious that he was," says former Oregon defensive back Eddie Pleasant who made the play.

Former Oregon coach Chip Kelly, who now is with the Philadelphia Eagles, also had some things to say on the matter.

"It's really disappointing, our players played their hearts out all game long, and to have the officials miss a call that could have given our team a chance to force OT is unacceptable."

For Oregon, it just adds salt to the wound that is still healing almost 3 months after losing the inaugural College Football Playoff Championship Game to Ohio State, 42-20. Perhaps one day, it will be Oregon's moment to catch a break in the championship game to claim their first title

And perhaps, you'll realize that it is April 1st and that you'll have to look just a little harder for legitimate news stories on this day. April Fools!