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First Annual Biggest Quack of the Year Award

Who will win the first Biggest Quack of the Year title?

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

With all college sports coming to an end during this part of the summer, it is a good time to reflect upon the previous year of athletics. For most people, that means fondly remembering their favorite plays, those comeback wins, or being able to beat your rival by 25+ points. That is great and all, but this award is a little different than that.

Have a player that talked a little too much trash and for that you can't forgive them? Or do you have that analyst that always picks against your team, talks bad about a favorite player, or just knows nothing about anything related to Oregon and is just someone that you just generally don't like?

Here is your chance to vent and bash about them.

How it works

There will be 8 nominees. Each nominee will get a seed (original, I know). Each week, we will pair the seeds against each other (1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, and so on). Whoever gets the most votes, moves on to the next round.




Well...there really isn't any. Anyone can be long as they did a pretty decent job of ticking off the Oregon fanbase.

Where you come in

For the next few days put who you want to nominate in the comment section, and a quick reason why. Doesn't have to be lengthy or some long novel why. Just a quick reason. By mid-next week, I'll post the 7 most common in a poll, and that's how we'll figure out who gets what seed.

Our first nomination came from the writers and that is Ohio State running back Ezekial Elliot, for, you know, that whole title game thing.

This will hopefully knock out the rest of the long summer and before you know it, football is back.

Let the fun begin!