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Biggest Quack of the Year: First Round

Will Goodell come through with the upset?

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

With the Opening Round of the Biggest Quack of the Year award,  we have the #1 seed and heavy favorite to win the tournament with the Florida State fanbase. But, can Roger Goodell pull the upset and move on to the next round?

Florida State Fanbase

-Obnoxious? Check.

-Blamed the media, saying "The media is out to get Jameis"....despite video and witness evidence.

-Paranoid beyond reason...much like their head coach.

I'm getting angry just typing about FSU fans.

Let's move on,

In this next corner, we have someone who has had his share of grief and backlash over the last year or so. Most infamously, his whole debacle with the Ray Rice situation and how the NFL not only handled the process, but the initial punishment...or lack thereof.

Roger Goodell

Instead of making a few points for his nomination, I'm just going to show this next video.

It really is not that hard of a name to pronounce.

Now vote for who you think should move on to the next round. Polls will close Monday morning (7/6) at 12:00 a.m.  EST.