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A Homage To Luke Ridnour

Let us all bow our heads in tribute to the greatest player in Oregon basketball history.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You've probably already heard by now that former Oregon point guard and current NBA roster filler, Luke Ridnour, has been traded four times in the past week. Currently, he is a member of the Orlando Magic Memphis Grizzlies Charlotte Hornets Oklahoma City Thunder Toronto Raptors...I think. Because of this, Ridnour has been the subject of mass ridicule and nasty twitters burns. Still, the news has served as a reminder to us all that HOLY F#%KING SH#T!! Luke Ridnour is still in the NBA!

Seriously, look at the abuse this legend has had to endure recently:

Suffice to say, Luke Ridnour has never received the proper respect he deserved despite his career, IN THE FREAKING NBA, lasting twelve years. One should not forget that Luke Ridnour's long tenure in the league was no mistake. Ridnour was a high school All-American, which is as prestigious of an honor a high-school basketball player can get. He also played tennis in high-school, in case you were wondering.

All Ridnour did at Oregon was lead the Ducks to two NCAA tournament appearances, including an Elite Eight in 2002. His junior year, in which he averaged almost 20 ppg, was enough to allow him to forfeit his senior year to enter the draft.

*Hot take: Luke Ridnour and Luke Jackson are the greatest duo in UO athletics history.

In a draft that saw the likes of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Brian Cook selected, Luke Ridnour went 14th OVERALL to the Seattle SuperSonics. In short, Luke Ridnour may not have the appearance of an NBA point guard athlete. He never was the biggest, fastest, quickest, or most athletic point guard, but he WOULDN'T. GO. AWAY. In essence, that's how to fight and claw your way to a career in pro sports: make yourself serviceable just enough, and before you know it, you're viewed as an asset. Time has come and gone, and with that, other, more flashy and desirable point guards have entered the league set to replace Luke Ridnour. Season after season, he has stubbornly put his foot down and done just enough to stick around for a little while longer.

We can all make our jokes at his expense because an athlete getting traded four times in less than a week is still fucking hilarious. However, Luke Ridnour can hold his head high knowing his twelve-year career is a milestone in itself and something few will ever come close to attaining. He could also kick all of our sorry asses in one-on-one at the very least. Luke Ridnour has mentioned a possible retirement amidst the swarm of trades. If that were to come into fruition, we'll truly miss you, Luke.

*A tear gingerly falls down Matthew Dellavedova's face as he salutes a portrait of Luke Ridnour.