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You decide the best of the best in UO athletics during ATQ's inaugural Webfoot Awards

Over the next month, you'll help decide who is the best on campus when it comes to what we all love most..SPORTS!

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We're still one month away from the return (sort of) of Oregon football. Fall camp opens on August 10, and we've come up with a way to help bridge the gap as we draw closer to the return of everyone's favorite time of the year.

Over the next month, you'll help vote for the best of the best when it comes to Oregon athletics. We will compile the fan vote, as well as the votes from our staff, to unveil who will be taking home the Webfoot Award for their respective category.

You'll also be able to vote on social media as well. The nominee with the most likes on Facebook and retweets on Twitter will win that social media platform's section of voting, which will be factored into final results.

Here are the categories for ATQ's inaugural Webfoot Awards:

  • Best Team
  • Best Male Athlete
  • Best Female Athlete
  • Best Newcomer (Freshman)
  • Best Coach
  • Best Moment
  • Best Play
  • Best Coach

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be unveiling the nominees for each category. There will be a simple poll at the end of each article to anonymously record the results. After the voting is complete, we will announce the winners of each category.

Check back tomorrow afternoon as we unveil the nominees for Best Game.