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The Webfoot Awards: Vote for the Top Oregon Plays of 2014/15

Vote for the Top Oregon Plays of 2014/15 consisting of some football and basketball highlights. Rusty did his best picking the best plays at pivotal moments in the games and seasons. Your vote is ultimately what matters most.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

I did my best to nail this down to four plays.  I severely underestimated how difficult this would be to do.  Also, after looking at tons of highlights I'm really going to miss Joe Young and Marcus Mariota next year.

Oregon v. Florida State in the Rose Bowl: Tony Washington fumble return for a touchdown

If this isn't the best play of the year it is damn sure the funniest.  It's this game in a nutshell.  It has pressure on Jameis Winston, Winston doing something dumb, a turnover, Tony Washington scoring a touchdown, and a ref falling over.

This play happened with just over four minutes left in the third and pushed Oregon ahead 45-20.  It came at a point where Florida State was really struggling to move the ball and score points.  A dagger to the Florida State hopes embodied.  I remember being in the stadium and there was a healthy mix of cheering for the play and laughing at how out of hand the game had gotten against a Florida State team that had been unbeaten for so long and had the most obnoxious fan base in the country.

Ifo Ekpre-Olomu Makes Amazing Interception Against Michigan State

There's a lot of highlights you could pull from this game.  You could pick Mariota evading pressure in the pocket and making a perfect shuffle pass to Royce Freeman in the flats to convert a much needed third down.  You could pick Devon Allen weaving his way between a couple defensive backs for a long touchdown catch.  You could pick Royce Freeman breaking free to the outside for a touchdown.

Ifo's pick came with 8 minutes left in the game with Oregon up 39-27.  Michigan State was looking to score and make it a one score game.  Then a pass out to a Spartan receiver running post pattern was tipped into the air and Ifo Ekpre-Olomu made one of the most amazing, athletic, and jaw-dropping play ever.  The excitement of the fans was matched by Ifo's post-interception celebration.

The more you watch this play the more impressive it becomes.

Oregon v. Utah: Joe Walker takes advantage of Kaelin Clay's boneheaded play

After a very slow, ugly first quarter Oregon was down 7-0 but it felt like the gap was much wider.  Oregon punted and turned the ball over on downs and Utah had scored a touchdown and had stopped themselves with a fumble on the next drive.

Utah was about to go up 14-0 when amazing happened.  The finish in the fast, hard, finish.  Joe Walker made a 14-point swing and sparked a scoring streak for Oregon that would give them a lot of cushion.  Like a lot of Oregon games the tide changes when the other team makes a mistake and Oregon pounces.

Joseph Young sends Oregon to Pac-12 Tournament title game with game-winning shot against Utah

Just as Sean said this was one of the best games of the season this game also had one of the best plays of the season.  Joseph Young hitting a three with one second left from an absurd distance was simply unbelievable.  Especially considering the circumstances of the season.  There were zero expectations and Joseph Young put the team on his back multiple times.

This shot got Oregon to the conference championship and brought down a great Utah team.  Joseph Young has ice in his veins and just signed a four-year deal with the Indiana Pacers.

So which incredible play gets your vote for the best of the year? Vote below and sound off in the comments. And don't forget to vote for the best game of 2014/15 while you're at it.