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Quack Fix: Is Vernon Adams Worth The Worry?

Your daily dose of Duck news.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports
  • Vernon Adams is quite the hot topic right now amongst Duck fans. Rightfully so, as there are question marks on who will replace Mariota. Some say it should be Jeff Lockie, others hope that potential transfer Vernon Adams could be the answer at signal caller. Should Oregon fans be worried about Adams? Ben Kercheval doesn't think so.
  • While we're on the subject of Adams, ESPN's Kevin Gemmell tales a look at a question that hasn't really been brought up too much: Is Adams already making an impact?
  • Predictions are always fun. Especially in this time of the summer, where it seems like weekly someone is coming up with some new prediction about something entirely random. In this weeks new prediction, Bleacher Report takes a look at possible landing spots for College Gameday this season.
  • Lastly, Joseph Young is off to a fast start with the Pacers.

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