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Marcus Mariota finds out rookie Madden 16 rating, seems only mildly upset

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Today, EA Sports unveiled the top 10 rookie rankings in Madden 16, which is scheduled to release August 25. Marcus Mariota slipped into the top 10 at ninth overall among rookies with an overall rating of 78. Players were asked what they thought their rating would be, and Mariota's guess was actually pretty close. Check out the video (and his reaction) below.

Mariota seems only mildly upset that he wasn't awarded his expected rating. Jameis Winston was the only quarterback with a rating of over 80 thanks to a 95 Throw Power rating and rookie-best 88 Throw Accuracy Short rating. Winston's 81 overall rating was second among all rookies, behind Oakland's Amari Cooper (82 overall).

According to the ratings, Mariota will probably be one of the more dangerous rookies to use in the game if you like to have a mobile quarterback. Here's a sampling of some of Mariota's stats in his first Madden appearance:

Throw Accuracy (Short): 87

Throw Accuracy (Mid): 88

Throw on the Run: 90

Speed: 88

Acceleration: 90

Elusiveness: 79

No word quite yet on what Mariota's "Throw into Tight Windows" rating is.