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Webfoot Awards: Nominees for Best Moment 2014/15

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Today, we continue the first Webfoot Awards hosted by ATQ with the "Best Moment of the 2014/15 Season." Our nominees will make you laugh, cry, and contemplate life's moral questions. Without further ado, here are your nominees.

Get ready for all the /feels.

Marcus Mariota's Heisman Speech

If sentimental moments are your cup of tea, then Mariota's Heisman acceptance speech is a no-brainer for this award. We all knew the award was coming, and Mariota gave a humble and honest speech, one that would probably seem a little contrived if it didn't come from the most humble and honest guy in the world.

This award was also a moment of vindication, as many of us think it would've came a year earlier if Mariota had been healthy the entire season.

Fa'afetai tele lava [thank you very much]. God bless, and go Ducks.

Jesus, Girls, and Marcus Mariota

Let's set the scene really quickly:

It's November, Mark Helfrich's Oregon Ducks have just beaten Colorado to improve to 10-1 on the season. The mood in the post game press conference is light and cheerful, and a student from a local school gets a chance to ask Helfrich a question.

Everyone assumes the student will throw Helfrich a softball, but instead he asks the question on everyone's mind.

"Do you know anything about Marcus Mariota, is he staying or is he leaving? I mean that's the talk around school"

Helfrich follows up, wondering exactly what IS the talk around school? Turns out there's three things:

We need this kid at every presser in 2015.

Joe Young Locker Room Speech After Wisconsin Loss

Now back to the sentimental /feels portion. After a great season for Oregon basketball, one where they greatly outperformed expectations, the Ducks were back in a familiar place - playing Wisconsin in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. In a game Oregon wasn't even supposed to keep close, the Ducks narrowly lost by a final of 72-65 on the back of Joe Young's 30 point performance. After the game, Young, a senior, had some words for the underclassmen who would be back in Eugene next year:

This video didn't receive nearly as much attention as the first two, but was still an amazing moment from last year. Usually, you learn that the best players on the court are real jerks off it, far from the role models they appear to be when nailing jumpers. Joe Young is a role model both on the court and off it, and this video is the perfect example why.