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Marcus Mariota signs rookie contract with Tennessee Titans

The drama behind Mariota's unsigned contract is finally over.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It may have taken longer than expected, but Marcus Mariota finally signed his first NFL contract on Tuesday. Mariota and the Titans agreed to a four-year deal worth a fully guaranteed $24.2 million with a $15.9 million signing bonus.

There was a lengthy delay in getting the deal signed due to a disagreement over offset language, which allows a team to take back guaranteed money if the player under that contract is released. If there is no offset language in a contract, the player can collect his money from his former team plus the money he would receive from his new team, known as "double dipping." Bottom line, teams want offset language, players don't.

According to Albert Breer of, the two sides were able to come to a compromise with partial offset language in the contract. Neither side was budging, so fortunately, Mariota and the Titans were able to meet in the middle before a contract dispute impacted his ability to prepare for his upcoming rookie season in which he is expected to be Tennessee's starting quarterback.

The Titans open training camp next week on July 31 and will have a total of nine practices that will be open to the public, if you feel like flying across the country to watch Mariota practice.