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Biggest Quack of the Year Awards: CFB Daily Barely Advances

CFB Daily comes out alive by the bare skin of their teeth.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the lack of your favorite off-season awards last week. I was out of town on a business trip and wasn't able to keep up with it like I had originally thought I'd be able to. For future ways of preventing this problem, I am 100% alright with you guys starting a petition to have ATQ pay me full time (your move, Sean).

Anyway, back to our fun.

Last week we had our first match-up that wasn't a blow out. CFB Final barely squeaked past  Ezekiel Elliot (winning by a slim 2 votes). You guys really surprised me on that one. I thought for sure that Elliot was going to breeze  by without any problems. But alas, you guys are full of surprises.

In this weeks match-up pits The Chip Kelly Drafting Marcus Mariota Rumors against Quarterbacks that are 6'5" and 250+ pounds.

Chip Kelly Drafting Marcus Mariota Rumors

Leading up to, and even on, draft day, there were multiple rumors going about that Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was going to try and trade up to the 2nd overall pick and draft is former quarterback. Now, the Eagles would have to give up quite a lot to do so, and a lot speculated that it would be too much to try and do. However, there were still plenty of reports going around that this was going to happen. You can refresh yourself about them herehere, and here.


Quarterbacks that are 6'5" and 250+ pounds

Oregon has had some bad luck with rather large sized quarterbacks in national title games. Cam Newton (20/34 for 265 yards and a touchdown along with 64 rush yards), and Cardale Jones (16/23 for 242 yards and a touchdown to go along with 38 yards rushing and a rushing touchdown).

*Quick little change. Normally, the polls close on Monday morning at 12:00 a.m. However, we are going to switch that to Wednesdays at the same time.

Let the voting begin!