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Quack Fix: How Oregon built its identity

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news and notes.

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The Oregon O is one of the most recognizable college logos in the nation.

Oregon doesn't have the rich tradition that USC and Alabama have. The Ducks don't have a national title to brag about and until last season they didn't have a heisman winner. What Oregon does have is a brand that enamors high school recruits. Colleges across the nation are starting to mimic Oregon's strategy; just look at Baylor and Tennessee.

Oregon basketball released their non-conference schedule.

The Ducks season will start on November 13 and will host Jackson State. Some key games in the early season are against Baylor, Boise State and Alabama. Oregon will also travel to Las Vegas in November to play UNLV at the MGM.

Men's hoops have new faces.

Summer classes began on June 22 and two incoming freshman have already begun their journey at Oregon. Kendall Small and Trevor Manuel are also preparing for the upcoming season. In the summer players are allowed to work with the coaching staff in small groups. The basketball team will take a trip to Spain in August and the two plan on making the trip.

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